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Alaskan Rainforest Family Adventure

Discover the Ketchikan Rainforest

Excursion Details

Adult, ages 13 and up
Child, ages 2-12

A Rainforest/Totem Adventure for the Whole Family!

Enjoy a short ride to Saxman Native Village, where your buggy is waiting. Embark on a breathtaking journey to experience the beauty of the Southeast Alaska rainforest. Instead of viewing the scenery from a bus, savor the opportunity to smell, touch, and truly feel the beauty of the forest.

Learn about the history, culture, and flora and fauna as you make your way to our wilderness camp. Sit around a campfire, roast a marshmallow, eat some pancakes, and drink some hot chocolate while you learn about the vibrant community of Saxman Native Village and its rich culture. When you are ready, meander up a gravel road to an amazing vista of Nichols Passage for a great photo opportunity. Then head down another trail and enter Saxman Totem Park for a great tour of the totems and learn about their significance, view the carving shed where they are made, and round it off with a visit to their authentic native village store.

This is a wonderful treat for the whole family, from great-grandma to the great-grandkids. It’s also ideal for folks with limited mobility who want to experience the rainforest but have a difficult time walking.