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Ketchikan Outdoors

Ketchikan, Alaska Excursions for the Whole Family

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About Us

Ketchikan Outdoors is a small, family-owned and operated tour company dedicated to providing you with real Alaskan adventures while protecting the beauty of our amazing environment and its wildlife.

Ketchikan's #1 Wildlife Excursion!

Orcas, Bubble-Netting Humpbacks, Bald eagles!!!

You don't get any better than this tour! The first thing we saw was a bubble-netting humpback. All the other boats were looking at some that were just surfacing, but our awesome guide Lars was able to spot the single bubble-netter from across the bay. Then he heard that there may be orcas on the radio and was able to quickly find them.

– Christie S. on TripAdvisor
Ketchikan, Alaska

Most people’s exposure to Ketchikan is for a few hours on a cruise ship stop. Twelve years ago I was stationed there with the coast guard for six months. Coming from Los Angeles, I was taken aback by how beautiful southeast Alaska is. If you like hiking, cycling (road and mountain) fishing, and hunting, you’ll love this city and the surrounding area. Just be prepared for rain since it is a temperate rain Forrest. The ideal months to visit are between May to the end of September.

– Steve S. on TripAdvisor
A Must Do in Ketchikan

What a brilliant way to experience the waterways of Ketchikan, we had our own zodiac boat to drive and was so easy, the guide explained everything really well and we had so much gear to wear in always Rainey Ketchikan. , had a ball and to return to hot cider and homemade salmon dip topped it off best ever

– kyliechignell on TripAdvisor
Highlight of our Alaskan Cruise

We had wonderful weather and getting out on a Zodiac was a blast. They provide very good rain gear, gloves, hats and boots. The Zodiac was fun to drive and we got good instructions on its operation. Our guide was great and it was a good day to see wildlife. We saw a black bear with two cubs, an otter, bald eagles including one who flew right over us to get a fish in the water, dolphins, sea lions, and a hump back whale quite close to us.

– John G. on TripAdvisor
Best Excursion of Our Alaska Cruise

The Zodiac adventure exceeded our expectations for fun and adventure. You're able to get out on the water quickly, with all the gear you need provided. Boats and equipment were all in excellent condition. In our 2 1/2 hours we were able to see 2 whales, various seals and many eagles. The best part though was just being out on the water, cruising along the various coastal areas and enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

– JohnGSF on TripAdvisor